Get feedback from your users using a widget

Helppie is a widget which you can install on your website/webapp and start getting the feedback from your users in the form of email or see them in the dashboard.

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How helppie works?

Install helppie widget

Add Widget

To install the widget, all you have to do is copy the code and paste it in your body tag. And you are done!

Helppie dashboard illustration

See Response

When the user submits feedback you can see it in your dashboard and you can also prioritize the feature requests.

Get Helppie notifications

Get Notified

You get a notification via email, whenever the user submits the feedback.

🔥 Features

Light Weight Widget
Collect Feedback and Issues
Privacy First
Theme Colors Support
Languages Support
Easy to use Dashboard


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to my submissions?

Only you have access to your submissions, we do not and never collect any information from your submissions. We are also working on encrypting the submissions for more privacy and security.

What extra do I get if I subscribe to the yearly plan?

We want to cancel our subscription. Can we get a refund?

Does helppie have any plan for non-profit?

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